General Terms and Conditions

Overnight money

The accommodation fee is payable in advance or in cash on the day of arrival by the tenant.
(Individual agreements, especially in long-term tenants are possible.)


The booking confirmation of a positive reply to the request is a binding reservation or a rental contract between the client and the provider. For late cancellations the tenants can obliged by the provider to substitute the reservation failure.


The following cancellation charge apply as agreed.
No charge when cancellation 21 days before arrival.
25% of the total booking value when cancellation 7 to 21 days before arrival.
50% of the total booking value when cancellation within 7 days and 100% for exhibition time.

The tenant has the right of free cancellation of the contract within a certain period, so provider has this right too, without being required a separate agreement.
The declarations must not have a reason.

Pre payment

We reserve us the right to deposit from the quest a prepayment up to 50% and for fair times 100%.
If the payment is not made ​​within the specified period, the reservation can be canceled by the provider without keep a deadline.